Dedicated to innovating the relationship between men and footwear, BUANNE is the eponymous brand created by designer Alan Buanne.

Born in Australia to Italian and Peruvian parents, Buanne received a scholarship to study footwear at the prestigious POLIMODA Institute in Florence, Italy. after graduating, training with local artisans, Alan moved to London, where he started a series of design roles with iconic British and European footwear designers before co-founding contemporary women’s brand, NEOUS. In 2019, Alan launched BUANNE, with an aim to reimagine the world of non-sneaker shoes for men.




about our production:

Our factory is located in Milan, Italy and has a long-standing relationship making shoes for the likes of Chanel, Christian Louboutin and Alexander McQueen. Their hands-on approach to crafting shoes still utilises artisan footwear techniques which take longer than standard production but provide for an exemplary result. All leather and materials are sourced from Italian suppliers and the entire process including stitching and assembly is contained by one team, ensuring we have the upmost control at every step of the production. Technical know-how and material selection are paramount elements in making high quality footwear and we employ the world’s leading last makers to ensure each unique design has a perfect balance and fit.



about sustainability:

Whilst we are passionate about keeping traditional footwear craftsmanship techniques alive, we are conscious of the environmentally negative habits of the industry at large, which need to change. We are firm in creating a business of the future which stands for impeccable ethical work standards, support of people through the entire supply chain and a strong level of cultural representation. We work with eco-accredited materials and refuse to use specialist or exotic leathers. shoe insoles are delivered by an eco-friendly manufacturer and none of our products or packaging contain single use plastics or PVC.