caring for your footwear.

How do I make my shoes last longer?

It is best to rotate your BUANNE shoes, sandals or boots every two days of consecutive wear. This will allow the leather fibres adequate air and rest. When not in use, store in the felt bags provided in a dry place away from any direct heat source. To preserve the shape of our dress shoes and leather boots, we suggest storing with a shoe tree after each use.

What liquids should I avoid using on my shoes?

Contact with water or products containing solvents, oily or abrasive elements should be avoided as they may cause unwanted staining or blisters. 


What’s the recommended way to put my shoes on?

When putting on your shoes, a shoehorn is suggested to avoid damaging the material in the back of the heel. For proper maintenance, be sure to have your shoe heel replaced periodically to prevent from becoming too worn down as this can become very slippery to the wearer.


How do I care for patent leather styles?

Patent leathers can be cleaned with a soft dampened light-coloured cloth and then dried with a clean cloth. To avoid colour migration, limit contact with other leathers or highly pigmented colours.


How do I best maintain fabric designs?

Fabric and leather shoes, or fully fabric shoes, must never be washed by soaking in water or in a washing machine. This would cause damage or migration of colour and can detach the sole from the shoe.

Many of our fabrics, have a water repellent finish that limits the risk of stains. However, the lighter coloured textiles still remain susceptible to staining. Once your textile shoes have been cleaned, please leave them to dry in the air before storing them in their felt pouch. 


What about the shoe or boot linings?

Made of goatskin leather, our linings are delicate to provide comfort to the wearer. They are specially treated to stabilise the colour pigments, but there is still a risk of colour release, which is due to their natural finishing.